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April 28th, 2018

Exhibitor, Vendor, Non Profit and Garden Organizations early-bird registration is now open.  

Early bird prices are in effect until February 28th, 2018

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  • Our next talk is on March 5th at 7 PM at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. This Month Fiona Ross, Pest Management Specialist for the Government of Manitoba talks about the Emerald Ash Borer.
  • Early Bird Registration for Vendors, Exhibitors, Non-Profits and Gardening Organizations for Gardening Saturday 2018 is now open. Gardening Saturday will be held on April 28th 2018. Press Release. 

  • The Manitoba Orchid Society is hosting their annual show from March 23rd - March 25th at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. See for more details.

  • Gardens Manitoba is looking for a new Treasurer. See the Volunteer Page for more information if you are interested. 

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Episode 20: Veggie Garden Remix with Edible Expert, Niki Jabbour

Today we’re STOKED to be chatting with the one and only, Niki Jabbour! She’s a Canadian gardening expert who you’ve probably turned to for advice at some point. Whether it’s her website, or her books or both — she has all the answers for cold-climate, short-season growers. Seriously, Niki is an expert, and her newest book, Veggie Garden Remix features some extraordinary crops you’ll want to try in your own garden this year. We chat with Niki about growing chickpeas, hosta shoots, sugar beets and molokhia (to name a few). And of course, we’ve got one of her new books fresh off the press for our GIVEAWAY!

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Butterfly Conservatory Campaign Donor Recognition at Assiniboine Park

The Assiniboine Park Conservatory will be closing on April 2, and Gardens Manitoba has received enquiries from our donors regarding past fundraising initiatives including the Butterfly Conservatory Campaign originally initiated by the Friends of the Conservatory.

In 2008, Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) was founded to manage Assiniboine Park and its facilities, including the Conservatory. At that time, Friends of the Conservatory, now the Friends of Gardens Manitoba (Gardens Manitoba) opted to remain a separate organization.

In 2013, Gardens Manitoba made a gift of $400,000+ to APC and the Imagine a Place Campaign comprised of the funds raised by the Butterfly Conservatory Campaign. To recognize donors to the Butterfly Conservatory Campaign, a leather-bound donor book was created and was placed in the Conservatory. This book will remain a permanent legacy that will be moved to The Leaf in Canada’s Diversity Gardens upon its opening. Recognition signage in the name of “Gardens Manitoba” will also be displayed outdoors at The Leaf Plaza.

If you have any further questions, please contact or call 204 895 4560.


Enhancing Manitoba Communities through the support and promotion of private and public gardening, and horticultural education.

Who We Are

Gardens Manitoba is a volunteer organization that fund raises in the community and partners with individuals and organizations to promote horticultural interests and activities.


  • To focus awareness on our natural environment and its necessary conservation;
  • To provide horticultural education;
  • To organize and sponsor horticultural events to benefit our community;
  • To provide a public forum for horticultural and botanical interests, groups, and individuals;
  • To support the enhancement of public parks and gardens in Manitoba.

Funding objectives are:

  • To raise and contribute funds to horticultural legacy projects that benefit Manitobans;
  • To support horticultural education projects;
  • To contribute to horticultural displays and projects in Manitoba.

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