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Upcoming events

    • 02 Oct 2017
    • 7:00 PM
    • Assiniboine Park Conservatory

    Gardens Manitoba's 2017 Annual General meeting. 

    After the short meeting, Teresa Lopata, Winnipeg gardener, Master Gardener, Master Composter and Vice President of the East Kildonan Garden Club will be presenting slides on the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum of the University of Wroclaw in Poland.

    • 06 Nov 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Assiniboine Park Conservatory

     “The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens.  If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone.  Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”  (Bill Mollison)

    Have you ever sat, tea cup in hand, and looked at your yard and dreamed about fresh eggs and honey, or even reading a classic book rather than kneeling in the dirt endlessly weeding?  Do you look over your shoulder for the compost police before you throw your potato peels in the garbage bin?  Are you weary of dragging a garden hose across the yard while beheading your favorite blooms?  Why do store bought strawberries taste like cardboard?

    Do you find yourself looking for the Green Garden Fairy to wave her magic wand and turn your yard into a vegetable, fruit orchard with an abundance of flowers, birds, deep organic rich soil, a play area for the family that doesn’t demand your indentured servitude to a hoe?

    Want to learn principles to turn this fantasy into a reality?

    Permaculture uses intelligent design to work in unison with nature to build diverse, stable and resilient ecosystems to provide food, energy, and shelter in which plants, animals and humans interact beneficially with one another for the betterment of us all

    Sounds confusing? 

    It doesn’t have to be.  Let us walk you through the basic principles of permaculture and equip you with the confidence to collaborate with nature and renewable resources and design a yard that can feed, shelter, and comfort while creating a surplus that will increase diversity and fertility within your system…

    ….and have fun

    Rebekah (BSc Agroecology) and Lynne Vickery (Permaculture Design Certificate, Master Gardener) are a mother and daughter team who share a love of nature and an atrociously overbooked ‘to do’ list.  When not hiding each others shovel they are happily designing on their adjoining acreage and plotting to green the planet one suburban yard at a time.

Past events

05 Sep 2017 Guerrilla Gardening - Darek Yarnell
05 Jun 2017 Growing Mushrooms - Tom Nagy
01 May 2017 The New Perennial Garden:Naturalist Garden Design
03 Apr 2017 Edible Flowers - Dr. Eva Pip
18 Mar 2017 Gardening Saturday Registration (General Public)
18 Mar 2017 Gardening Saturday Registration (Gardens Manitoba Members Only)
17 Mar 2017 Volunteer Registration for Gardening Saturday
06 Mar 2017 Red River College Greenhouse Tour - Ruth Rob
11 Feb 2017 Identification of Submerged and Floating Freshwater Macrophytes in Manitoba with Dr. Eva Pip
06 Feb 2017 Growing Indoor Edibles - Dave Hanson
03 Jan 2017 Gardening for Pollinators - Kelly Leask
13 Dec 2016 Dessert Potluck - Volunteers and Members
15 Nov 2016 Garden Network in Northern Manitoba
18 Oct 2016 AGM & Bodnant Gardens (Wales) presentation
17 Sep 2016 Fall Plant & Bulb Sale
21 Jun 2016 Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces
14 May 2016 Plant Sale and Square Foot Garden Tour
08 May 2016 Promoting Birds, Butterflies & Bees in the Garden
08 May 2016 Owning a Hobby Greenhouse
07 May 2016 Volunteer Registration for Plant Sale
19 Apr 2016 Bonsai Society
19 Mar 2016 Gardening Saturday
16 Feb 2016 Wildflowers in the Garden - Perfectly Adapted Perennials
12 Feb 2016 Celebrate Seeds! Seedy Saturday Special Event
17 Nov 2015 Duayne Friesen - What's new in Spring Annuals & Vegetables
20 Oct 2015 Annual General Meeting - Gardens Manitoba
20 Oct 2015 Austria Summer 2015 - Holzer Permaculture Tour
22 Sep 2015 Gardening Workshop-Unwanted in Your Garden - But Let's Make the Best of It!
19 May 2015 RHS Garden Wisley
10 May 2015 Mothers Day Tea - 1:00 pm - Tickets at the Door
10 May 2015 Mothers Day Tea - 11:30 am - Tickets at the Door
21 Apr 2015 Gardening Workshop - Composting
17 Feb 2015 Gardening Workshop-Dorothy Dobbie
20 Jan 2015 Gardening Workshop-Starting Seeds
21 Jun 2014 Garden Tour
17 Jun 2014 Edible and Sustainable Cities
20 May 2014 Inspiration from the CMU Farmer's Collective
11 May 2014 Gardens Manitoba Mother's Day Plant Sale
15 Apr 2014 Edible Container Gardens
29 Mar 2014 Gardening Saturday 2014 Tote Bag Application
27 Feb 2014 Draw for Free Gardens Manitoba membership
06 Feb 2014 GS Workshop $60.00 Package
21 Jan 2014 Gardening with the 3Rs and beyond
08 Dec 2013 Victorian Tea 3rd Sitting
08 Dec 2013 Victorian Tea 2nd Sitting
08 Dec 2013 Victorian Tea 1st Sitting
19 Nov 2013 Program Evening with Chad Cornell
22 Oct 2013 A.G.M. Guest Speaker, Dr. Bob Bors
17 Sep 2013 Food Preservation with Lenore Linton
26 Jun 2013 Celebration Garden Party
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #16 Square Foot Gardening for Small Spaces
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #15 Gardening with Asthma & Allergies
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #14 Water Features for the Home Landscape
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #13 Composting 101
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #12 Learn about Annual & Perennial Vines & Groundcover
23 Mar 2013 Guest Speaker - Sara Williams
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #11 Pruning Your Trees & Shrub
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #10 Growing Organic Vegetables 101
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #9 All About Daylilies. New Introductions for 2013
23 Mar 2013 Keynote Speaker - Beckie Fox
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #8 Lilies & the Red Lily Beetle
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #7 Tips on Canning/Preserving Produce. Growing, Harvesting & Storage
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #6 Choosing the Right Perennials for Your Garden
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #5 Square Foot Gardening for Small Spaces
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #3 Observer Only For Seasonal Container
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #4 Trees & Shrubs for Your Landscape
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #3 Hands-on Workshop for Seasonal Container
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #1 Paving Stones, Pathways, Retaining Wall
23 Mar 2013 Workshop #2 Preserving & Preparing Prairie Fruit
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