The Grow Guide is a weekly gardening podcast co-hosted by rookie grower, Maggie Wysocki, who asks all the questions you’re too afraid to, and master grower, Dave Hanson, who answers them all with great wisdom. Listen in as they chat openly about seasonal gardening topics, including the trials, tribulations and successes of growing in climates where it can feel...kind of impossible.

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Episode 32: Prepping the Garden for Spring

Hey Zone 3-ers! It’s finally starting to feel like Spring around here and we know you’ve probably all been out in the garden getting ready. But what exactly should you be doing at this time of year to ensure your plants have the best success? Well, that’s what we’re chatting about today! Maggie and Dave talk soil care, composting tips, hardening off, raised beds and more. Plus, this is the first episode of the new format of The Grow Guide, which means every single listener gets an awesome deal that will make a great addition to their 2018 garden.

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