Growing Cannabis Panel-2:30

  • 30 Mar 2019
  • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • 131


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Medical Cannabis: Health, healing and happiness, demystifying Cannabis culture, uses and regulations

FacilitatorMike Mailman - Gardens Manitoba Vice President


Ryan Maione - Educator

Paul Martin - Registered Nurse

Rebecca Sokol - Student at Red River in the Horticulture and Greenspace management program


Medical Cannabis: Health, healing and happiness, demystifying Cannabis culture, uses and regulations


Mike Mailman - Mike has an extensive history with indoor cultivation. A medical cannabis patient advocate and patient himself 15+ years. His mission as Cannabis & Tomato knowledge keeper, may be summed up in two ways:  “Plants as medicine seem equally important to therapeutic effects of growing plants yourself”  - Mike.   “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”  - Hippocrates

Ryan Maione - As an educator, Ryan understands the vital role that knowledge can play in someone's decision making process. From a young age he witnessed peers using and abusing substances due to lack of proper education on what they were consuming. After experiencing medical application for Cannabis in his own life, he began educating himself and his peers. When he found application for Cannabis as a medicine, he began educating on safe consumption and advocating for legalization of the plant. He has worked for a number of years developing safe methods and standardized practices for edible consumption and production. Ryan continues to play a vital role in educating others about safe consumption and understanding what they put in their bodies and how it can affect overall health.

Paul Martin -Paul (The Green Beaver/Golden Tree), a registered nurse specializing in Palliative Care and End of Life Symptom management. He is also an avid gardener with a passionate focus on Cannabis over the last 18 years. Having grown cannabis in a vast array of practices, Paul now focuses on, educates and promotes, organic/probiotic & sustainable cannabis production! If you want to get him talking, ask about living soil, microbes and other wonders our roots enjoy. Paul carries many titles as a cannabis advocate, preservationist, breeder and educator. He’s also a contributor to and educator for a new program at Red River College called: Cannabis 101. Paul uses cannabis as a medicine, in fact, it saved his life!

Rebecca Sokol - Rebecca currently is a second-year student at Red River in the Horticulture and Greenspace management program. She has worked in horticulture since 2010 and is currently with Organic Solutions and Frosty Farm. She has been active in Cannabis since 2010 learning the art of monocropping medical plants with Frosty and has donated many hours to the Cannabis community with Unity cup. She is a firm believer that Cannabis can change lives for the better as living with C-PTSD she has used Cannabis to treat the symptoms and live a normal life.  When she is not working with Cannabis, she spends her time sitting on the Charleswood Horticulture board and Communities in Bloom as ecology and sustainable practise are passions. Or growing something on her farm with her daughter and dogs.

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