That amazing Nature

23 Jun 2014 12:14 PM | Anonymous
Sprouting in the compost

Anyone who knows me can tell you can tell you I'm a squash fiend. I love them. We eat them all the time, which is handy cause we put 150 of them in the basement last fall. The one depicted here is the tenth squash that remains.

This particular pumpkin was getting soft on the bottom, so I cut into it and another (two 2013 pumpkins remain intact). It was soft because it was host to dozens of six inch pumpkin sprouts. I ate most of them but left three rooted in the shell, which I then pitched into the compost pile.

Pumpkins and squashes generally have a successful formula to ensure their continuation. I'm always amazed at how successfully they exploit the environment, how prolific they are, and now upon seeing that they produce their own seed-nurture environment. I've seen seeds sprouting in other pulps like apples, tomatoes and potatoes.

Nature is so amazing!
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