A Winter Gardening Project

24 Sep 2014 8:42 AM | Anonymous

A fellow gardener sent me a CBC news video the other day that presented the story of a couple of entrepreneurs in Cornwall, Ontario who grow veggies in a shipping container using hydroponic lighting. Their company is called Smart Greens. They grow about 3,600 plants in about 300 square metres of space, and ship 200 to 300 packages of kale, spinach and basil each week to local restaurants. (watch CBC video)

shipping container farm

inside the shipping container farm

The lighting comes high efficiency LED strip lights, which are super cheap. So that's my winter gardening project. Normally I start growing sprouts about this time of the year and eat them regularly through the winter because philosophically I refuse to participate in the game that presents "fresh" veggies from 1/3 of the way around the world in the winter months. I love sprouts, and use them in lots of different ways, but they're small and limited in my cuisine.

My winter gardening project will be patterned on what I've seen in the news story. I'll try growing veggies in trays on the horizontal and I'll try growing them in soil tubes on the vertical with plants growing out at the perpendicular with water coming from a drip irrigation system.

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